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Future-proof: Print the Change Community

B.A.U.M. e.V., the German Association of Environmental Management published the study “Designing printed products for the future”.
There you will find some background information about the current situation of paper recycling: the contamination of recycled paper and the low quality of “deinking” sludge.

Until now.
Cradle to Cradle™ printing products are optimised for the biological cycle. They tweak the quality of the sludge. Recycled paper won’t be contaminated.
Future-proof: Cradle to Cradle™ printing products define a new level of quality and are produced by the Print the Change Community.

Join in! Be part of the printing revolution! Let’s set a new green benchmark for the printing industry!
Take advantage of the opportunity to position your printing company as a pioneer with a Cradle to Cradle™ certificate. You will benefit from:
• a unique selling proposition – competitive advantages by offering a new level of quality for existing and new customers
• speed – you can start “immediately” since a wide range of material is already certified by the community and no development time for analysis and certification is needed
• cost savings – in basic development and future material developments
• strong community – sharing of experience and implementing joint projects

We are looking for more printing companies around the world to join in. Together we can make a difference. Join us. Get in touch.

Ernst Gugler, CEO, gugler* GmbH
Mobil: +43 664 608 42 100

Julia Stieböck, Product Manager, gugler* GmbH
Mobil: +43 664 608 42 246


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