Certification level of KLS Pureprint: Platin level for Energy

Recertification: KLS PurePrint A/S and gugler* GmbH

Success #1 new material: We proudly present Pureprint gloss, Pureprint coated volume, suitable for eg. magazines, Pureprint cardboard double-sided, and finally Pureprint folding box board for packaging. There is also a new glue certified for children’s board books.

Success #2 platin level: KLS Pureprint managed to achieve platin-level in the field of renewable energy. Of all other certified companies in the world just two others managed to do so.

The background is the long-term work of restructuring and reducing the company’s energy consumption. Since 2009, the company has exclusively used 100% renewable energy and has been CO2 neutral. Among other things: achieved by using only energy from its own wind turbine and by driving in electric cars. But there was much more to do. In order to calculate the embedded energy of the products from goods receipt to delivery, the company itself had to develop a life-cycle analysis model (LCA) as no applicable models existed on the market. The model is based on the United Nations Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


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