Highest standard for eco-friendly printing – confirmed!


The communication company gugler* has once again received Silver-level certification for its Cradle to Cradle™ printed products.

The new criteria (3.0) were applied for submission and assessment. The new certificate will remain valid for two years, after which re-certification will again be required. Cradle to Cradle™ is a circular economy concept. The aim is for all products to be designed such that their next ‘life’ is already taken into account in a way that avoids waste creation.

gugler* print is a pioneer in sustainable business development and the ecological pioneer in the printing industry, as its many environmental certificates bear out. The company’s groundbreaking achievements for the entire printing industry were first officially recognised in 2003, with the award of the Austrian Ecolabel. Certification under other environmental standards followed, such as FSC, EMAS, PEFC, and the European Ecolabel.

What would revolutionary printed products be without customers who value and propagate environmental standards like those? Martina Aigner, Head of Marketing at BIOTOP Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH: ‘The printing company gugler* has been our partner for the production of our catalogues, which are sent around the world, right from the start. There is an awareness of this biological cycle for printed products out there, from Australia to America, at least among our license partners and their customers.’ The supply catalogue for all Austrian organic farmers that the InfoXgen association publishes is also Cradle to Cradle™ printed. CEO Dr Gabriele Moder is pleased to have found a partner for whom ‘the eco-friendliness of the printed products is of heartfelt concern’. Dr Doris Steiner-Ehrenberger, CEO of Aquarius-Naturprodukte is another partner who has been on board since the beginning: ‘Since we are not going to be able to pull a second world off of a shelf somewhere, we decided to opt for Cradle to Cradle™.’

Ernst Gugler, CEO of the communication company gugler*: ‘We continue to strive to keep improving our existing product components and to develop and certify new printing components. Our Cradle to Cradle™ network, Print the Change, is growing. We already have a partner printing company in Denmark, and more partnerships are planned.’

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