gugler* new green building - thats how nature would print

This is how nature would build

gugler*s second green building is complete. It is a showcase upcycling project. Please come in…

Over the past five years gugler*, together with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, has been working on another pioneering recycling project: a 95% recyclable plus-energy company building, inspired by Cradle to Cradle™. A “house of the future”.

What makes our new building so special?
– 1,423 m² extra space,
– timberwork structure,
– 95% of the materials used are recyclable,
– a quarter thereof have already been recycled,
– walls insulated using in-house Cradle to Cradle™ waste paper,
– exterior facade protected by larch slats and old aluminium printing plates,
– plus-energy house – uses less energy than it produces,
– installed with a 148 kWp photovoltaic system,
– waste heat from operating machinery used in heating,
– air conditioning using water from groundwater wells,
– in-house electrical charging station for guests, and
– approx. 17,000 m2 of green space rich in biodiversity for humans and the natural world.

The entire project cost only a little more than a conventional build. That makes this house a showcase project, because it inspires others to follow its example, for economic reasons too. Most importantly, the building can be recycled once it has finished its useful life, and will not leave mounds of hazardous waste for future generations to deal with. Citizens in the western world already generate 300 tons of construction material per head. But following the Cradle to Cradle™ philosophy, the materials used to build a recyclable house will eventually be used as raw materials for a new building.

gugler*s “Sinnreich”

The gugler* team now has a total of around 3,500 m² of usable space. The first 2,000 m2 building (built in 2000) is also a green building, constructed using timber and with compacted clay floors and a green roof. It has just been renovated.

Thanks to our sustainable company premises and our Cradle to Cradle™ production philosophy, our customers take pleasure in knowing that working with gugler* means they are doing their best for humans and the natural world, and that they are helping to protect our environment for our grandchildren’s generation. Here at gugler* we can say with a clear conscience that gugler* is ingenious. That’s why we’ve named the entire complex “gugler*s Sinnreich”, a meaningful place that makes sense.

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