Cradle to Cradle certified children books published by KOSMOS, produced by gugler*

gugler* wins Golden Pixel Award

Cradle to Cradle™ children’s books won prizes in the “ecological and environmentally friendly” category at this year’s Golden Pixel Awards.

There were 199 submissions, 9 jury members, 13 winners, and 2 special recognitions in 15 categories at this year’s Golden Pixel Awards 2017 for innovative and progressive printing projects.

The Cradle to Cradle™ children’s books printed for the Kosmos publishing house were the winners of the “ecological and environmentally friendly” category. The Golden Pixel Award is an important competition for the German-speaking printing industry, and a good indicator of progress and excellence.

The jury was impressed by the educational content of the Kosmos children’s books as well as the printing method. “Children’s books are products that children handle from a very young age, so where better to start in educating younger generations about environmental awareness if not with children? The authors and illustrators present the animal world to children in a manner appropriate to the age of the reader. The children’s books are produced using materials which have a minimal environmental impact and can be completely recycled. We were impressed by the quality of the product as well as its environmentally sustainable nature,” said the jury, explaining its choice of winner.

Ernst Gugler, founder and managing director of gugler*, said: “We are delighted that our constant and tireless efforts to offer quality, innovation and sustainability have resulted this year in us winning an important award such as this for the tenth time. And we are especially delighted about our innovative partnership with the Kosmos publishing house in Germany without whom this pioneering project for healthy children’s books would not have been possible.”

The Kosmos children’s books are produced to the Cradle to Cradle™ standard, the world’s strictest ecological printing standard. That means all the substances in the paper, ink and glue which are used in each Kosmos children’s book produced by gugler* have been chemically analyzed, optimized, and finally certified. As a result, every book, without exception, is made using natural and healthy substances. This is particularly important for books which are handled by children. The books are free from substances which have been proven to be hazardous, as well as from substances which have not yet been shown to be hazardous. That means they can be unhesitatingly fed back into to the biological lifecycle, i.e. they can be composted. When the books are recycled with the waste paper we put in paper recycling bins, they do not produce the hazardous sludge which is usually created when standard colored inks are removed from paper. When Cradle to Cradle™ printed products are recycled, they produce an organic sludge which can be spread on the fields to fertilize the next generation of trees.

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