COMMUNITY Meeting in Melk Feb 2018

Print the Change Community meets in Melk

The members of the international Cradle to Cradle™ family plan to strengthen their collaboration in development and marketing

Melk, 1st March 2018. The town of Melk in Lower Austria became the hub of the Print the Change community last week. Managing directors of the community partners convened at gugler* headquarters for two days to decide on the roadmap for 2018. The meeting in Austria had been prompted, among other things, by the opening of gugler*s Sinnreich complex in Melk with its first Austrian plus-energy building inspired by Cradle to Cradle™. After all, this is how nature would build.

At this two-day workshop, the partners presented new Cradle to Cradle™ developments: five new types of paper, three additional types of cardboard packaging, and an adhesive for children’s board books. In addition to that, the workshop participants discussed the focus for 2018. Collectively, the community hopes to collaborate more closely in the future not only on binding techniques, recycled paper, and envelopes, but also in optimizing processes in production and sales & distribution. Marketing is another area that is expected to benefit from the collaboration. Expanding the community is the next step.


Photograph (from the left)


Gitte Haar (KLS PurePrint A/S)

Roswitha Sandwieser (gugler* GmbH)

Renato Vögeli (Vögeli AG)

Ernst Gugler (gugler* GmbH)

Markus Vögeli (Vögeli AG)

Kasper Larsen (KLS PurePrint A/S)

Julia Stieböck (gugler* GmbH)

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